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A Little Instax Love – The Best Christmas Present Ever!

I have been positively lusting over the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera for months, peeping at it occasionally on my Amazon wish list and imagining all the cool pictures I would take. I had asked for it for Christmas but was told by my husband it was too expensive but then he surprised me with it anyway! I know I keep saying it but it really is the best Christmas present! I’m so in love with it.

I’m still trying to find its ‘sweet spot’ (where my subject is in focus) but I really like how the pictures come out anyway, some blurry, some over or underexposed but it’s so much fun practicing. They come out beautifully old looking without the need for any Instagram type filters, as if they’ve managed to time travel somehow.

There is a downside though in that each shot you take costs around £1 a go as the paper is expensive and each refill only has 10 shots in it so it can become costly, especially as it’s so addictive. I am also still to figure out all the modes and how the flash works, as it seems to go off even when you don’t tell it to. Usually I’m the one who decides what the camera does but not with this one. It also has a double exposure mode which is pretty cool and I’m sure there is a trick to getting it right but guess what?! I’m still working on that too. 

Here’s a sample of the photos we’ve taken so far, the kids have been having a go too and they just love getting to see their pictures and putting them in our mini album (which we’ve nearly filled already!).

Instax Love-3

Instax Love-4

Instax Love-5

Instax Love-2

Instax Love-1

Instax Love-6

Instax Love-7

Instax Love-8

Instax Love-9

Instax Love-10

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