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A Mini Office Tour of my Mini Office

I’ve been meaning to post photos of my finished little office space for some time but somehow never quite got around to it. So here we are, this is my mini office. It houses all of my favourite things and includes no less than: 4 foxes, 8 rabbits, 6 Eiffel Towers, 15 birds and 6 owls and sometimes a child or two and a huddle of little things they have made me, or trinkets from places I’ve been that hold special memories. Like the pressed penny from London where we got engaged.

Iain and I painstakingly painted the chevron stripes on the wall with the help of a Pinterest pin or two and I absolutely love them, it is definitely my little space now. It used to be where our back door was before we changed the kitchen window into a door and was a lost space full of coats and cobwebs. It is small but perfectly formed. Our joiner even made the desk for me out of leftover bits of kitchen worktop and we added a couple of decorative legs from Ikea, unnecessary but pretty.

I have a couple of old keys hanging on the wall that still look a little lost on their own but they are soon to be joined by about 10 more (once I get them cleaned up). It seems my parents know me too well, they went to a flea market together and when wandering separately they both bought me a small collection of old keys from the same stall.

So this is where I sit peacefully listening to music, editing photos, writing blog posts like this one and neglecting the house plants which invariably die under my care.

This little place definitely makes my heart happy.

Mini Office Tour-1

Mini Office Tour-2

Mini Office Tour-3

Mini Office Tour-4

Mini Office Tour-5

Mini Office Tour-6

Mini Office Tour-7

Mini Office Tour-8

Mini Office Tour-9

Mini Office Tour-10

Mini Office Tour-11

Mini Office Tour-12

Mini Office Tour-13

Mini Office Tour-14

Mini Office Tour-15

Mini Office Tour-16

Mini Office Tour-17

Mini Office Tour-18

Mini Office Tour-19

Mini Office Tour-20

Mini Office Tour-21

Mini Office Tour-22

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