Cotton Fox Photography

Project 52 – Week 29

My dear sweet little Ava,

every day you grow taller like the flowers, are constantly moving like the tides and are as loud as the wind through the leaves of the tall tall trees. You rarely have a quiet moment, except when you are asleep. Every night, when you are sleeping soundly, I creep in to kiss you goodnight and make sure you’re tucked in and just enjoy how peaceful you are.

This was one of your rare peaceful moments watching one of your favourite TV programmes with your most favourite of bears (whose name constantly changes, I think at the moment he is perhaps called Christoff?), wearing your most treasured plastic gold medal with a sticker stuck on from nursery sports day.

I relish these quiet moments we have together. I also love that you enjoy getting your photos taken, Glen already will shy away from the camera. At the teeny age of four you also seem to share in my photography passion, always keen to get the camera out, and you like taking pictures of me too.

I love your wispy hair, your beautiful eyelashes, your little hands and how you can go cross-eyed at will. 

As loud as you are, you are sweet, beautiful, clever and just amazing.

All my love, Mummy xx

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