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Project 52 – Week 28

It has been a really busy week, and even better it’s been a busy week full of sunshine! However, kids and summer holidays aren’t always the best combination so to help with the boredom and bad behaviour we made these little ‘I caught you being good jars’ from an idea I saw on Pinterest (you’ll notice me doing a lot more Pinterest ideas in the summer to keep the kids busy!). If they are caught doing something good they get a bead in their jar, first one to 10 wins a little trophy which they get to keep for a day then we start all over again. It seems to be working too! We also made bubble snakes (thanks again Pinterest!) and had a good old splash around in the paddling pool.

So please, excuse the mess, we’re making memories 🙂

Week 28-1

Week 28-2

Week 28-3

Week 28-4

Week 28-5

Week 28-6

Week 28-7

Week 28-8

Week 28-9

Week 28-10

Week 28-11

Week 28-12

Week 28-13

Week 28-14

Week 28-15

Week 28-16

Week 28-17

Week 28-18

Week 28-19

Week 28-20

Week 28-21

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