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Gweny’s Cupcakes – Scottish Borders Food Photography

I was filled with quite excitement when I found out there was going to be a new cupcake shop opening here in Kelso. Gweny’s Cupcakes and Curios opened a few weeks back and, being the cake lover that I am, I just had to get some to try them! But being a photographer and always wanting to try new things, I made the rest of my family wait to bite into them so that I could try my hand at some food photography.

After patiently waiting (I say in jest with two small children) we scoffed them all down within the blink of an eye and they were indeed just as delicious as they looked! The three flavours we had were: Strawberry Retro Sweetie, After Dinner Mint Chocolate and Irn Bru. My favourite was definitely the Retro Sweetie cake  with its deliciously yummy fizzy pink icing, but I have a feeling that I will be back trying out more of the flavours and will probably have a new favourite every week!

I loved doing this little spot of food photography, it’s something I might just have to do some more of now I have the bug for it! 

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-1

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-2

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-3

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-4

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-5

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-6

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-7

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-8

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-9

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-10

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-11

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-12

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-13

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-14

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-15

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-16

Gwenys Cupcakes wm-17

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