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Bluebells, Blossom and a Little Ballerina – Natural Child Portrait Session

I met up with little Amelie recently for a natural child portrait session in the beautiful bluebells and cherry blossom. We spent our time picking daisies and looking for fairies, we even sprinkled a little fairy dust along the way so that the fairies would know how to find us. I love making up stories with the children I photograph and seeing how their imagination flourishes. They aren’t little for long, so let them be little.

Amelie wm-2

Amelie wm-4

Amelie wm-7

Amelie wm-10

Amelie wm-21

Amelie wm-27

Amelie wm-38

Amelie wm-40

Amelie wm-43

Amelie wm-44

Amelie wm-46

Amelie wm-47

Amelie wm-49

Amelie wm-51

Amelie wm-53

Amelie wm-58

Amelie wm-60

Amelie wm-61

Amelie wm-64

Amelie wm-65

Amelie wm-71

Amelie wm-73

Amelie wm-77

Amelie wm-79

Amelie wm-81

Amelie wm-83

Amelie wm-86

Amelie wm-89

Amelie wm-91

Amelie wm-92

Amelie wm-93

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