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Smiling til your face hurts – Children’s natural portrait photography – Scottish Borders

I met up with Emily and her little brother, Bendy, at this beautiful spot along the river last week for their natural portrait photography session. The weather turned out perfect and these two were an absolute hoot! Their mum described them as ‘jolly little sausages’ and they were indeed just that. I left with a full heart, lots of great shots and a face that hurt so bad from smiling with them.

Tweddle Kids-2

Tweddle Kids-3

Tweddle Kids-4

Tweddle Kids-6

Tweddle Kids-8

Tweddle Kids-9

Tweddle Kids-10

Tweddle Kids-11

Tweddle Kids-12

Tweddle Kids-13

Tweddle Kids-15

Tweddle Kids-16

Tweddle Kids-18

Tweddle Kids-19

Tweddle Kids-20

Tweddle Kids-21

Tweddle Kids-22

Tweddle Kids-25

Tweddle Kids-26

Tweddle Kids-27

Tweddle Kids-28

Tweddle Kids-30

Tweddle Kids-31

Tweddle Kids-32

Tweddle Kids-33

Tweddle Kids-34

Tweddle Kids-35

Tweddle Kids-36

Tweddle Kids-37

Tweddle Kids-38

Tweddle Kids-39

Tweddle Kids-40

Tweddle Kids-41

Tweddle Kids-42

Tweddle Kids-44

Tweddle Kids-45

Tweddle Kids-46

Tweddle Kids-47

Tweddle Kids-48

Tweddle Kids-51

Tweddle Kids-53

Tweddle Kids-54

Tweddle Kids-55

Tweddle Kids-56

Tweddle Kids-57

Tweddle Kids-58

Tweddle Kids-59

Tweddle Kids-60

Tweddle Kids-61

Tweddle Kids-62

Tweddle Kids-63

Tweddle Kids-64

Tweddle Kids-65

Tweddle Kids-66

Tweddle Kids-67

Tweddle Kids-68

Tweddle Kids-70

Tweddle Kids-71

Tweddle Kids-72

Tweddle Kids-74

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2 thoughts on “Smiling til your face hurts – Children’s natural portrait photography – Scottish Borders

  1. They made me smile too ๐Ÿ™‚ Great models, and great portraits ๐Ÿ™‚

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