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Project 365 – Day 272 – 29th September 2013

It has been such a beautiful autumn day here with blue skies and sunshine and the paths covered in leaves. I really love this time of year. We went for a walk in Gordon Community Woodland where we found the hugest caterpillar I have ever seen in my life (and that Glen has seen in his life he tells me), and spent our time looking for autumn colours and textures and generally enjoying running about in the woods. When we came home we had a look around our little garden to find more autumn colours, found a tiny caterpillar (and dropped it again before I could photograph it) and then topped off the day with cake for my Dad’s birthday. He was 21 again! No idea when he will ever be 22, I imagine never.

Day 272-5

Day 272-1

Day 272-2

Day 272-3

Day 272-4

Day 272-6

Day 272-8

Day 272-7

Day 272-13

Day 272-9

Day 272-10

Day 272-11

Day 272-12

Day 272-14

Day 272-15

Day 272-16

Day 272-17

Day 272-18

Day 272-19


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