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Project 365 – Day 170 – 19th June 2013

We went along to watch Glen race in his first ever sports day at preschool today. The kids were so cute, they didn’t mind who won or lost and if some cheated, they were all just having fun and enjoying themselves. Glen won the sack race (so proud!) and even his Daddy got to have a go in the parents sack race. The guy on the right hand side cracks me up with how high he is leaping in the air! 

Even at f2.8 on my 24-70mm lens most of the kids faces were in focus so I’ve blurred them out with a little motion blur as I didn’t want to get in any trouble for posting pictures of other people’s kids online without permission. Seems a shame but you just never know what the other parents would feel about it.

The last photo is just because. I bought a pop up beach tent the other day and, honestly, I think the kids only came out of it to eat today, they loved it sat in the living room like a little den. I crawled inside to see what Ava was doing, taking my camera along of course, and this was the result.

Day 170

Day 170

Day 170

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