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Project 365 – Day 141 – 21st May 2013

Today was a bake with mummy day for Ava. She has been asking for about a week to bake but with having only started Weight Watchers last week I was a bit resistant, but today I gave in and found a recipe for banana bread on the Weight Watchers app. Instead of making a loaf we made it into little cakes so it would be easier to keep track of the points value.

I’ve been teaching Iain a little about photography lately so, because he appeared at just the right time, I handed him the camera so that I could be in some of the shots and he could get a quick bit of practice.

I’ve found from looking back through my photos that I tend to fill the frame a lot of the time so a personal challenge for me has been to step back a bit and fill more of the frame with the scene rather than just my subject. I do love the details though.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately from Clickin Moms, Rock The Shot and Click It Up A Notch, if you’re just starting out in photography or even if you’ve been doing it a while, they are three great websites full of fantastic information and, if like me, you are short on time from running around after small children all day, it’s still easy to fit in reading a couple of short articles.

And, yes, Iain dressed Ava today hence the outfit choice. Also, I do realise this is rather more than one photo for the day…

Day 141-1

Day 141-2

Day 141-3

Day 141-4

Day 141-5

Day 141-6

Day 141-7

Day 141-8

Day 141-9

Day 141-10

Day 141-11

Day 141-12

Day 141-13

Day 141-14

Day 141-15

Day 141-16

Day 141-17

Day 141-20

Day 141-18

Day 141-19

Day 141-21

Day 141-22

Day 141-23

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