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Project 365 – Day 94 – 4th April 2013

I had a little photo shoot in front of the kitchen window with Glen earlier. He seems more keen to get his photo taken these days and he was also quite excited when I let him hold the camera so I’m also posting two photos of me which he took. There were a lot of terrible ones as he wanted me to make silly faces while I got my photo taken (I chose not to edit those ones) but the ones he took in focus aren’t too bad. In any case I think they are pretty cool for being shot by a four year old.

I can’t believe how long it took me to work out about taking photographs in open shade. The skin tones are much creamier and even, your subject isn’t squinting into the sun and you don’t have harsh shadows. It also helps you get those gorgeous catch lights and clear bright eyes. Window light is perfect for this as long as you don’t have the sun glaring in the window, you get all the lovely light without feeling the cold. (I am not a fan of the cold, my husband calls me a lizard as I’m always cold and seeking out some heat).

We also played about with using a prop, in this case an apple. It seemed to work as a good distraction and provided enough for him to focus on for a few minutes. Glen also wore his favourite t-shirt today so he could look muscly.

Oh and by the way, I have realised that I seem to have turned this photo a day project into more of a multiple photo a day kind of project but hey ho, I will at some point start putting just one image up per day again, just not yet.

Day 94

Day 94

Day 94

Day 94

Day 94

Day 94

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