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Project 365 – Day 44 – 13th February 2013

Today my Dad and I went along to Calumet Photographic in Edinburgh to the Canon off camera flash workshop.

I did phone up Calumet before I booked the workshop to ask if it was ok that we had Nissin flash guns instead of Canon ones, and they said it wasn’t a problem. However, when we got there today we discovered that our flashguns were not compatible with Canon Speedlights for using them as master and slave. It meant that we didn’t get to learn with our own flashguns and had to share the teacher’s flash between the two of us and one other person (as well as the teacher). It meant that we didn’t really get to grips properly with why we were using the settings we were.

That said, the teacher was great (Jayce Clark Photoschool) and we learned about different lighting setups and I did gain some useful information on how the flash works and its given me a little more confidence to go out and try using off camera flash more.

For today’s photo I have a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot to show the original image and my edited version. I actually like the original image uncropped showing the flash umbrella and the background stand but I also like the cropped edited version too as its more in my style and will be different to the ten other people who took the same shot today.


Day 44 editEDIT

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