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I Just Can’t Resist Those Little Eyelashes…

I did a very quick shoot with Ava earlier while Glen was at pre-school. There was gorgeous light coming in through the window today so I photographed her while she played in front of it. I had to watch out for flying shoes though!

I just love her blue eyes, little pink lips, wispy hair and those eyelashes! It really makes me want to get a macro lens so I can get real close up shots of those sorts of things.

Ava’s  left pupil is actually bigger than her right one which I only really notice occasionally when I photograph her. It’s not so obvious in these ones because of the way the light was falling but can be seen in other photos of her like this one.

It was clearly all too much for her as she fell asleep on the settee afterwards.

Day 22-1(2)

Day 22-2(2)

Day 22

Day 22-4(2)

Day 22-5(2)

Day 22-6(2)

Day 22-7(2)

Day 22-8(2)

Day 22-9(2)

Day 22-10(2)

Day 22-11(2)

Day 22-12(2)

Day 22-13(2)

Day 22-14(2)

Day 22-15(2)

Day 22-16(2)

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